Order of the Silver Serpent

Initiation to the Order

Five long years. Years filled with arduous training and studying under the tutelage and guidance of the instructors and veteran members of the Order of the Silver Serpent. They took you and molded you into what you are today so that you could fight the abominations that roam the wild places of the vale. The attrition rate of the training was high, out of the forty candidates that joined you at the beginning, only a few others stand with you today. Most washed out during various stages, others injured severely during exercises, a handful are dead, primarily due to their own arrogance or ignorance. But you; you excelled in the field you chose, and because of that you are here, a few days after graduation, days of respite and celebration allowed that were well deserved. Now here you stand in the main hall of the academy, surrounded by Order Brothers and Sisters, to receive your first

Character Creation:

Level: We are starting at level 1, as your characters are fresh out of the academy. That does not mean your character has to be young and inexperienced though.

Equipment: You get 100gp to buy equipment. The equipment represents what the order geared you out in. Any gold left beyond your basic equipment would be your personal cash, any items you buy with that cash would be personal belongings you have obtained during your schooling or before.

Classes: I merely ask for no evil-type classes, if you are unsure about a class, ask me.

Races: I am going to restrict races to the civilized races found in the former empire of Nerath: Human, Dwarf, Halfling, Elf, Eladrin, Drow, Half-elf, Half-orc, Dragonborn, and Tiefling.

Alignment: No evil alignments. Lawful Good, Good are predominant in the order, though unaligned with a lean towards good is fine.

Deities: If you choose to follow a certain deity, again just nothing evil. Predominant Deities of the vale are Moradin, Ioun, Pelor, Corellon, Avandra, Bahamut, Erathis, Melora, and Sehanine.

Backgrounds and Themes: Again nothing evil, but no restrictions, so long as you incorporate it into your character’s information.

Extensive information on these can be found in Player Handbooks, or I can provide you with information on anything you’re interested in. I have supplied information about the Nentir Vale, its regions and the The Order of the Silver Serpent in the Wiki. Use the information there to help create your character’s story.

With that said, you need to create a character story, brief or lengthy is your choice. Things you need to develop are things such as: Where are you from? What did you previously do? Why did you join the order? What is your character’s personality/habits/mannerisms? you can go into as much or as little depth as you want, or develop it on the fly during sessions as you get a feel for your character. Remember that your skills/stats/abilities play a key role in molding your character. There will be rewards in the game for roleplaying, this does not mean making funny voices or dressing up. It means assuming your character’s persona in terms of decisions made and responses in conversation or to situations that arise. D&D 4th edition IS combat heavy, but the game does not fully revolve around it, we have to have reason to get there first.

Any questions? Ask me!



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