The Order of the Silver Serpent

An order of adventurers and like minded people dedicated to fighting back the tides of monsters and evil things lurking in the wilderness. The Order’s ultimate goal is to unify and rebuild the former empire of Nerath. There is a heavy contingent of clerics and paladins within the order, though many classes can be found within its ranks.

Homeland is the Nentir Vale, headquarters and primary academy found just outside Fallcrest. Other academies scattered through the former Nerath empire.

Have two training programs. The primary one being that which trains the adventurers, and the other which provides general education to facility staff and their families within the order. Many washouts end up in this second program as despite failure they still wish to serve the order.

A para-miltary type organization. They train, house, and organize adventurers. Few official ranks, though a minor hierarchy is found within the order.

  • Initiates: Those undergoing training within the order. Spend majority of time on campus at the academies until graduation. They remain Initiates until Veterans deem them worthy.
  • Brothers/Sisters: The majority of members, everything from adventurers to teachers and facility staff are all members of the order.
  • Veterans: Adventurers of vast experience and longstanding service to the order. Some are founding members, others have been promoted to this position. Hold the formal places of authority within the order.
  • The Council: Veteran members all, and currently are all the original founding members. The head of the Council is the overall leader of the Order, with the other members being his close advisors.

Council Members:

Nero Tenebrous: Council Head. Human Paladin. Wields the massive two-handed hammer “Shadowsbane”
Edward Kristofferson: Human Wizard
Khor Lightforge: Dwarf Warpriest
Jerec Basilius: Human Weaponmaster
Thaddeus Joehorn: Human Warlock

Notable Veterans
Gilthore Greymane: Human Knight
Morgan Cindaer: Human Templar
Caen Woodsoul: Elf Sentinel
Murdoch Darkmender: Dwarf Assasin
Heskan Blackclaw: Dragonborn Swordmage
Kevon Quinton: Halfling Sorceror
Sorn Duskryn: Drow Hunter


The Order of the Silver Serpent

Order of the Silver Serpent Cindaer