Hard under the Cairngorms at the west end of the Nentir Vale lies the remote town of Winterhaven. Like Fallcrest, Winterhaven is a small town surrounded by a few miles of farmland and pastures. Built in the shelter of the Keep on the Shadowfell during Nerath’s height, this Village stands as a feeble light at the edge of civilization.

Population: 950. Most Villagers are farmers and herders who live outside the walls, and most are human

Government: Ernest Padraig, the lord of Winterhaven, is descended from the noble family that ruled the area under edict of the old empire.

Defense: The Winterhaven Regulars are a core group of ten soldiers who perform guard and police functions in and around the Village. Padraig can muster a force of about fifty civilians, given a day’s notice, to supplement this tiny force if the village is threatened.

Inn and Tavern: Wrafton’s Inn serves as the public house for the region.

Supplies: Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe, market square.

Temple: Sister linora offers sacrifices to the entire pantheon when called on to do so, but she is a devotee of Avandra and most villagers offer their prayers to the god of luck.



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